CONTEMPLATION - Shark Tank, A Hare, Very Cool, Momo & Gray-Gray, Wisconsin, Movie Theatre Popcorn, We’re Neighbors, Black Hawk Park Pool, Two Years Apart, What Episode Are You On?, Smores, Kachow (2022)

Ink - One, Two, Three, 123 (complete), Lucy in the Sky, Woof, Climate Change #4, Trash, Untitled, Ribbit, The Deck, Raccoon Island (2021-2022)

Paintings - Femme, Secondary 3, Color Wheel, Color Trash, Funky Town #1, Funky Town #2, Funky Town #3, Funky Town #4, Funky Town (Complete), Nova (2021- 2022)

Old Testament - Noah’s Ark in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Jonah’s Three Days, Abandoned Garden of Eden (2022)